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Communication Skills approach: man speaking

Speak Out's comprehensive approach is tailor-made to suit each participant's level and needs, and provides both the fine points and basics of content and delivery. Clients acquire the tools and knowledge they need for speaking to one or one thousand.

Speak Out! founder Ruth Rainero is fluent in five languages, has worked as a translator, and loves words. She can help you create compelling introductions, develop concise, clear and appropriate language, employ evocative and concrete examples, and fashion memorable metaphors. Matching the message and linguistic nuances to the company culture are also elements included in the Speak Out! approach.

Speak Out! techniques help you use your voice and body language optimally to engage your audience and keep them focused on your ideas. Ms. Rainero's many years of performing experience are put to work to assist you in improving your voice projection, eye contact, gestures and all other aspects of delivery.

Speak Out! is available for training sessions in San Francisco, the greater Bay Area and New York City.

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