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Rehabilitation testimonials: patient undergoing treatment

"A few years ago I developed a serious problem with my voice. We were on tour promoting one of the largest selling records in music history - 'Supernatural'. I got food poisoning about an hour before a show in Europe and couldn't stop vomiting between songs during our three-hour show. This was the first show on a three-week tour, and I had no time to let my voice recover. I could barely talk, can't remember how I managed to sing, and I ended up developing nodules on both vocal cords. I was scared to death that I would never be able to sing again. When I got home I immediately began seeking help from some voice instructors. Their techniques didn't feel right to me so my instincts told me to seek another way. A friend of mine turned me on to a Laryngologist in San Francisco, who has since retired. While treating me, he recommended that I give Ruth Rainero a call because he had heard some great things about her. I am happy to say that Ruth's philosophy and techniques were the only ones that made any sense to me and, after working with her for some time, my voice returned strong and continues to be stronger than ever today. I never needed surgery. Thank you, Dr. Mink, and thank you sincerely, Ruth."

Tony Lindsay, lead singer with Carlos Santana www.tonylindsay.com

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