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Enjoying Oral Arguments: Honing Your Delivery Skills
Ever walked away from a courtroom feeling like the judge just did not "get" your position? Ever tried to make eye contact with a juror who kept glancing away? Ever seen your audience start checking their watches as they lost interest in your presentation or training?
Since the bulk of an attorney's work involves written communication, relatively few attorneys have developed skills for delivering effective oral arguments and presentations. Nevertheless, good use of your voice and body language is crucial if you want to be heard and to convince listeners of the truth and importance of your ideas.
This engaging and entertaining workshop assists attorneys in recognizing and putting an end to the unconscious habits that detract from their delivery. Ms. Rainero, who has coached attorneys at firms including Pillsbury, Madison and Sutro, Crosby, Heafey, Roach and May, the San Francisco City Attorney's Office, and the The Lawyers' Club of San Francisco, developed this program after many hours spent observing oral arguments at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and other courtrooms.
This talk is MCLE accredited.
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