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Studio testimonials - two women singing

"I was referred to Ruth by a friend in 1999, when I had just completed my ninth season with the vocal group Chanticleer. I had studied with several other teachers throughout those years, but no one seemed able to explain the HOW of vocal technique. It was Ruth who was finally able to unlock the mysteries behind shaping vowels, enabling me finally to "own" each vowel. Ruth is also responsible for showing me in a clear-cut, step-by-step manner how to use the breath in singing. After only a few months of working with Ruth, because I had learned how to breathe properly, my overall sound began to grow. Ruth also proved to be an excellent coach. She speaks a half dozen languages fluently, and knows how to demonstrate the rhythm of each language, as well as the style of each time period. I can't count how many times I'd bring a difficult section of a piece to Ruth, she'd make a few suggestions, I'd sing it again, and then I'd get this smile on my face I could not get rid of. And Ruth would ask, "was that easier?" I learned through Ruth that, the better the technique, the easier it is to sing. I had a running joke with Ruth, in which I would say, "that was the best lesson I ever had!" -- and looking back, it was."

Tim Krol, Baritone www.timkrol.com

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